My Predictions for Election 2014

I predict the party vote share to Labour at 32%, Greens 15% and Internet/Mana 4%. Labour to form government with the Greens and InternetMana.

National will garner 45% and electorate seats x 1 to Maori, Act & United Future. NZFirst will gain 4% but with no electorate seat will be out of government.

What this will mean for NZ is a strong left government which will start to eliminate child poverty, protect our environment and start to fix our economy.

What this will mean for the NZ Herald editors and right wing opinion columnists is endless columns opining that the largest political party didn’t form government and how MMP is a rort and all sorts of rubbish.

More importantly the hashtags for the New Zealand 2014 General Election are #nzpol #nzvotes and the various party hashtags, #TeamKey etc etc.


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