The real threat – Rubber stamping the shysters

The biggest threat this election isn’t National, or its multi headed hydra of National/ACT/United Future/Maori/Conservatives.

Or if you’re on the other side of the fence, the biggest threat isn’t Labour, or its multi headed consensus machine of Labour/Greens/Internet/Mana.

Or if you’re on the fence, NZ First.

The biggest threat this election is our entire political system and our media. If National are returned to Government it sends a clear and honest message
that NZ’ers will allow dishonest dirty campaigning and media manipulation.

A National government will mean that from here on in, Ministers, political parties, journalists, MP’s, political operators, bloggers etc. of all stripes,
colours and agendas can be as despicable and disgusting and dishonest as they like, and still be voted into power. A Prime Minister can lie, deceive, forget, misplace, obfuscate and operate in any manner they wish and hold power.

A huge rubber stamp for being horrible. That is what kiwis will be doing. Every voter in NZ is holding that stamp right now, and they have the opportunity to do one of three things.

1) Throw that stamp in the bin and not vote because they think (wrongly) its all rubber stamped anyway and everyones a dodgy shyster.
2) Rubber stamp the current administration and its methods by voting for National or any party which will support it in Government.
3) Throw that stamp in John Keys face, really hard, and tick the box for a party that isn’t neck deep in its own filth, or happy to support one that is.

Party Vote Green, Internet/Mana or Labour. Electorate vote Labour (or in Epsom, National. Or in a Maori seat Mana)

Make sure we don’t ruin our political landscape forever by rubber stamping this behaviour. Send a very clear message on September 20th (or with an advance vote beforehand from September 3rd) that Dirty Politics, its not ok.

Do it.


Dirty Politics: it’s not about getting rid of them, but getting rid of the us & them

This has to be the definitive article for every kiwi about where to from here after the release of Nicky Hager’s book ‘Dirty Politics’.

A must read for every New Zealander with perhaps wider reaching importance to those of our brothers and sisters across the ditch too.

First We Take Manhattan

Since the release of Dirty Politics, my timelines in various media have been full of activists and party workers from the Left enjoying the discomfort of the National Party and forlornly encouraging people to vote to get rid of them. Their contention is that some combination of Labour, Greens and Internet Mana will be a change of government that will defeat the evil hidden at the heart of the National Party.

Having now read it, this misses the point of Hager’s book (as Hager himself talked about on Radio NZ). Yes, Hager is describing a strategy to ensure National becomes entrenched in the Hard Right by putting the ‘right’ people in the right positions and reducing public confidence in the integrity and character of their real and imagined opponents across the political spectrum. However the over-riding theme of the book is that this cabal of Slater, Lusk, Williams, Collins, and Ede…

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The Dirty Politics Emails Images – The First Dump

Heres all the image files that have so far been dumped by (one of the) sources for Nicky Hager’s new book Dirty Politics.

GossipChase all they like Photoshopping Who is Political Animal Kevin Taylor Who is NZ Jed Whaleoil helps research back Whaleoil helps research back Thank You dynamic IP addresses I need to get my mate elected 1 NZ Jed supplies DPF too I need to get my mate elected 2 Research OIA help

> UPDATE < The original link to the files on MEGA now seems to lead nowhere and the files have been pulled, either by the uploader or MEGA itself.

> UPDATE 2 < Added the latest email showing Judith Collins releasing confidential information to WhaleOil on a public servant for political gain.

Max Coyle’s speech to Stop The Killing In Gaza – Hamilton NZ Rally

As-Salaam-Alaikum. Masā’ al-khayr.

The first rally I ever attended was 29 years ago. I was in a pram pushed by my parents in Napier and it was a HART rally. I was 1 year old.

The Halt All Racist Tour rallies were organised and attended by everyday kiwis who were appalled at the situation in South Africa and NZ’s complicit part in it by allowing their sports teams to come here, allowing rugby to happen while we ignored what was happening in their home country. A South africa where people were separated by the colour of their skin, a South Africa where people were routinely killed and fences separated white from black. A nation divided by race.

Apartheid literally means the state of being apart, ‘apart hood’. A people removed. Kiwis rallied against that injustice all those years ago and we rally today because that same apartheid, that same injustice, carries on in this world today. The Palestinian people are a state apart, they are refugees in their own land. Much as some of the Afrikaaners sat back and watched their rugby and their black slaves, so Israelis sit back and watch the bombing, the genocide of the Palestinian people, from their deck chairs.

We shouldn’t need to be here today. We shouldn’t live in a world where innocent children are killed indiscriminately by American munitions. But we are. We are all gathered here today to stand against this injustice. To stand against white phosphorous, an illegal munition, raining down on Palestinian children. To stand against the constant invasion by Jewish settlements on what little land the Palestinians have left. To stand against a war by a rogue state that has gone on far too long.

Israel is currently pushing for the demilitarisation of Gaza, as if Hamas will put down their weapons. The Gaza Strip is in a dire state, it is facing the risk of being uninhabitable by 2020 according to the UN — and that was before this latest devastation that has destroyed some 16,000 homes and much critical infrastructure. It will soon be absolutely impossible to create any semblance of life support for the citizens of Gaza as the rebuilding of homes, water and electricity networks, hospitals and schools becomes impossible. Israel wants this as THE bottom line before they stop the slaughter, and because it won’t happen they will instead make the blip of land uninhabitable.

As kiwis we can barely imagine our country being invaded, our homes being torn from us and becoming refugees in our own land. For many of us the closest we’ve come is reading Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden. And just as in that story, a story beloved by kiwis and Australians alike, the invaded citizens manage to fight back. We can fight back, and that’s why we’re here today, to say that the brutality has to stop, to say no to genocide, no to occupation and no to Zionism. To publicly call for Israels ambassador to be expelled from NZ, to call on kiwis to boycott Israeli products. Most importantly, a free Palestine.

Shukran. Ma’a as-salāmah.

Me speaking in front of the crowd which numbered almost 500 people