Speech by Hamilton West Green candidate to Campaign for Better Transport in Hamilton

Cars, ripping apart lives


What follows is my speech as the Green party of Aotearoa New Zealand candidate for Hamilton West, delivered at the first public ‘Meet the Candidates’ meeting held in Hamilton NZ by the Campaign for Better Transport.

“Kia Ora, good evening Hamilton.

My name is Max Coyle and I am standing for the Green Party in Hamilton West.

Cars have ripped apart my family, and ripped apart communities. Over three successive years an entire branch of my family was wiped out by car accidents leaving 5 people dead and 2 of my cousins orphaned. The car culture which see’s a car as an aspiration and symbol of wealth in our country today is unhealthy, and also unsustainable. Cars kill and they are inefficient. With the rising cost of fuel and the environmentally destructive methods needed to obtain the black gold, this culture has to end, but that’s not really what I’m here…

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My letter to the journalist regarding Judith Collins the troll

Good Afternoon Stacey,

Have just read your story “Collins in Twitter war” and firstly would like to ask why I was not asked for comment when Judith Collins was? Being a central party of the story it seems incredibly one sided to ask her for comment but not myself. My contact details are readily available on the web, my phone number is 0220301985.

There are multiple factual inaccuracies in the story and I would like a formal retraction in the body of the text or as an addendum to he story itself.

My tweets were not in reply to anything regarding the tour of Judith Collins insulting people, they were in reply to her comments around a WhaleOil story about Young National members holding up signs, a photo widely shared and commented on in social media.

Secondly no tweet has been deleted from my stream, not by me and is still on my timeline and here is the permalinkhttps://twitter.com/maxdcoyle/status/409957704245841922

Thirdly the tweet called for her to kill herself as an ongoing protest against the draconian Harmful Digital Communications bill which stifles net neutrality and free speech online.

Fourth, I never misled the Waikato Times, they interviewed my ex partner and she was naive enough to not mention that I was possibly going to be a candidate (I was never registered as a candidate, another factual inaccuracy)

If you could retract the factual inaccuracies and update the story I would be very thankful. Feel free to call or email for clarification.

Kind Regards
Max Coyle