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My Predictions for Election 2014

I predict the party vote share to Labour at 32%, Greens 15% and Internet/Mana 4%. Labour to form government with the Greens and InternetMana.

National will garner 45% and electorate seats x 1 to Maori, Act & United Future. NZFirst will gain 4% but with no electorate seat will be out of government.

What this will mean for NZ is a strong left government which will start to eliminate child poverty, protect our environment and start to fix our economy.

What this will mean for the NZ Herald editors and right wing opinion columnists is endless columns opining that the largest political party didn’t form government and how MMP is a rort and all sorts of rubbish.

More importantly the hashtags for the New Zealand 2014 General Election are #nzpol #nzvotes and the various party hashtags, #TeamKey etc etc.

Electoral Commission grant to ‘fun’ political party criticised

Leader of The National Party John Key says the group will not be turning down a $1,050,000 grant from the Electoral Commission for its 2014 campaign. 

The Taxpayers’ Union called the grant ”outrageous” and said Key should not accept the money because his party was just ”a fun project”. 

“It’s bad enough that taxpayers have to fork out for political party propaganda, but for tax dollars to be given to a satirical party is outrageous,” union director Jordan Williams said. 

However, Hawaii-based Key said his party had every right to the money, and taxpayers had actually come out of the situation quite well. 

”The commission actually short changed us really,” Key said. ”We asked for $10 million and only got just over $1M, so we got a bad deal really.”

Key said The National Party was ”not a joke” and had every right to the funding as it met all the legal criteria for a legitimate political party. 

”We would not be allowed to accept the money if our party weren’t real,” he said. ”There are other joke parties getting funding, like the Labour and The Greens. 

”You can’t tell me people are taking David Cunliffe seriously.” 

Key said he had at least 500 members financially backing the party’s election campaign, as counted at the last Oravida AGM, and he had a duty to them to ensure the campaign went ahead.


Nui te aroha, Max Dillon Coyle