Good time to start growing or selling cannabis!

It’s a great time to start growing or selling cannabis!

To get started growing there’s heaps of resources available online to help you.

To start selling, you’ll need to know a grower or someone that knows a grower or someone that knows someone etc etc.

Once you have product, decide what amounts you’re going to sell. If you’re buying a huge amount you could sell ounces. Depending in quality they go from anywhere between $250 – $400 though both these figures can move with quantity and quality.

Normally though you’ll buy a few ounces (or 1) and sell $20 or $50 amounts. A 20 is commonly known as a tinny and can contain any amount really although standard is about 1gm. Big city dwellers sometimes pay $25 for tiny ones! Be nice to your customers though, good service goes a long way.

A 50 is commonly known as a ‘fifty bag’ and has between 3-5gm. (5 being on the very good side).

Next is customers, some of your friends probably smoke, sell to them, workmates, family, etc.

Useful things to have are small metal scales or electronic scales, tinfoil, small ziplock bags, scissors and a few notes for change.

Small startup cost for regular income and you’re helping others.

The free market needs you!


Internet Party changes the game

Internet Party changes the game

The Internet Party is currently number 8 on the NZ app store for iOS. Beating out Spotify and almost overtaking Snapchat is no mean feat, just ask any kiwi game developer. But when this is a political party we’re talking about it is literally revolutionary.

What is amazing here is finally a party is making fantastic tech integrations and plugging in democracy the way it could have been done at least 2 elections ago. Online memberships, Android and iOS apps, these are pre-cursors which I suggest will see a rise in membership of political parties on the whole, though not to pre-1984 levels.

Having been shown what is possible, every other party needs to do this if it wants to remain relevant this election and into the future. Whether you like the party or not is no import, they have shown they way forward for political parties to remain relevant and that is what is newsworthy here. If National and Labour don’t have an app in production already someone needs to clear house in their IT and strategy departments.

Changing the game is as important as being in the game. Whether or not the party gets into parliament they have already changed the face of kiwi democracy for the better, congratulations Internet Party