The real threat – Rubber stamping the shysters

The biggest threat this election isn’t National, or its multi headed hydra of National/ACT/United Future/Maori/Conservatives.

Or if you’re on the other side of the fence, the biggest threat isn’t Labour, or its multi headed consensus machine of Labour/Greens/Internet/Mana.

Or if you’re on the fence, NZ First.

The biggest threat this election is our entire political system and our media. If National are returned to Government it sends a clear and honest message
that NZ’ers will allow dishonest dirty campaigning and media manipulation.

A National government will mean that from here on in, Ministers, political parties, journalists, MP’s, political operators, bloggers etc. of all stripes,
colours and agendas can be as despicable and disgusting and dishonest as they like, and still be voted into power. A Prime Minister can lie, deceive, forget, misplace, obfuscate and operate in any manner they wish and hold power.

A huge rubber stamp for being horrible. That is what kiwis will be doing. Every voter in NZ is holding that stamp right now, and they have the opportunity to do one of three things.

1) Throw that stamp in the bin and not vote because they think (wrongly) its all rubber stamped anyway and everyones a dodgy shyster.
2) Rubber stamp the current administration and its methods by voting for National or any party which will support it in Government.
3) Throw that stamp in John Keys face, really hard, and tick the box for a party that isn’t neck deep in its own filth, or happy to support one that is.

Party Vote Green, Internet/Mana or Labour. Electorate vote Labour (or in Epsom, National. Or in a Maori seat Mana)

Make sure we don’t ruin our political landscape forever by rubber stamping this behaviour. Send a very clear message on September 20th (or with an advance vote beforehand from September 3rd) that Dirty Politics, its not ok.

Do it.


3 thoughts on “The real threat – Rubber stamping the shysters

  1. says:

    Hi Max, lozt my first e mail fo you, 2nd attempt. I agree with you. We need honesty and transparency in our leaders and ones who are ther for all NZ. We are now into the Age of Aquarius where all that is hidden will be disclosed.

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