Dirty Politics: it’s not about getting rid of them, but getting rid of the us & them

This has to be the definitive article for every kiwi about where to from here after the release of Nicky Hager’s book ‘Dirty Politics’.

A must read for every New Zealander with perhaps wider reaching importance to those of our brothers and sisters across the ditch too.

First We Take Manhattan

Since the release of Dirty Politics, my timelines in various media have been full of activists and party workers from the Left enjoying the discomfort of the National Party and forlornly encouraging people to vote to get rid of them. Their contention is that some combination of Labour, Greens and Internet Mana will be a change of government that will defeat the evil hidden at the heart of the National Party.

Having now read it, this misses the point of Hager’s book (as Hager himself talked about on Radio NZ). Yes, Hager is describing a strategy to ensure National becomes entrenched in the Hard Right by putting the ‘right’ people in the right positions and reducing public confidence in the integrity and character of their real and imagined opponents across the political spectrum. However the over-riding theme of the book is that this cabal of Slater, Lusk, Williams, Collins, and Ede…

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